Giving Back


The Ajamu Group believes in servicing the community where we live. The Ajamu Group creates empowering events for any city in the United States. These quality events feature nationally known personalities in health, finance, careers, and personal development. Each event offers attendees the opportunity to meet with experts in their perspective industry; sponsors can support programs that show their commitment to the community.

In our organization, charity begins at home. The Ajamu Group is a supporter of Orchards Children’s Services, a private, non-profit organization located in Southfield, Michigan.

Orchards Children’s Services has been a beacon of hope for children and families for over 45 years. Orchards seeks to protect and nurture children and youth by providing shelter, sustenance, life- and educational skills and opportunities. Orchards’ staff touch children from birth to young adulthood, and remain committed to them every step of the way. Orchards believes in engaging individuals in planning for their own success, and offers services and support in their homes and communities. By working in partnership with parents, relatives, foster parents and children where they live, Orchards empowers them to achieve stability and long-term self-sufficiency.

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Orchards Children’s Services, Inc.

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